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BT- Dont Force Shit Reverse Tie Dye Tee [Gen 2]

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Rarity- Unique (1 of 1)

Release Date 4-20-22

Everything in flow! If it ain’t flowin, we ain’t goin✨✨🙌🏽

Even the back xodohtronu logo wasn’t tryna come up after pressing 🤣 It’s coo tho, just let it ride out and show up tha way it wanted to. 😌 Don’t force Sh!t not now not ever. #xodohtronu

Story time! Was tryna post a reel earlier this morning showing the reverse tie dye process used to create this one but only got frustrated with reels! Between VN app acting crazy with exportin the video, uploading and taking it down like 6 times and Instagram blocking the video because that D’Angelo-Brown Sugar playing in the video isn’t Xodohtronu original sound lol… I was frustrated and over it. Over reels in general ha. Reading the back of the shirt today reminded me to go do something else that felt good…. Don’t force sh!t. Especially if it don’t feel good to you! Might repost the reel at a later date for anyone interested in the process. 🤞🏽😌

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