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XU Influencer Acid Tie Dye Tee BT (Jonae’s closet)

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1 of 1 NFT  Rarity - Mythic 

What are you influencing?!?! // 60 sec. read//

We see a pletora of self proclaimed influencers on the daily but what exactly are they influencing? In what ways are they effecting the behavior of others for the good… or bad? I pondered on this question randomly one day at the beach thinking about how social media has evolved and how it’s affecting human behavior. How easily one person can influence or dictate another’s behavior simply through a post.. I decided to make a garment out of it. During photoshoots its never all about the pics. I usually like to jus vibe out & take time to get to know the model even if we are already friends. Love spending time conversing & photographing good people with a desire to leave an impact this world, no matter the follower count. Its more about the vision. Ziggy told me hers was to model professionally & move people with her spoken word. She definitely got the pen and the face card! Peep her words on the third slide. If you are an influencer, I challenge you to the same question. What are you influencing? #xodohtronu

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