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XODOHTRONU "Labels" Collection - "STUD" Tee 2020 Color [Essentials]


City Green
Heather Grey
Royal Blue
Heather Green
Light Blue
Caribbean Blue
Independence Red
Heather Red
Mandarin Orange
Charity Pink

Product Details

We're really interactive on our Instagram. We have discussions with our followers based on real world topics which is much appreciated. Those meetings of the mind usually result in clothing that makes a statement! After a discussion with the XODOHTRONU fam on IG, we decided to make this shirt to eradicate the stigma of labeling words placing limitations on how a person can or cannot identify themselves based on race, ethnicity or gender. It was brought to our attention that some people believe the word "stud" should only be used by masculine women of color to identify. Those people are entitled to their beliefs and we respect all perspectives wholeheartedly, however, who created these rules again? While it is true that the word "stud" was created in black culture, we believe ALL RACES have the right to use, resonate with, and label themselves (if they are into labels) however they see fit. We at XODOHTRONU are not into labeling and prefer to allow humans to exist in the realms of who they believe they are without society's limitations. We believe people should identify any way they feel to do so and one human has NO RIGHT to tell another human how they should identify. Something that may resonate with one person may not resonate with another given the two different personal perspectives, information acquired and life journeys. We believe people of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as straight community, should practice MORE UNITY and allow people the freedom to be who they are and not what anyone says they should and should not be. Figure out who YOU are fam && keep it pushin'.

The "Stud" tee is for ANYONE who wants to identify as one for the day! We do not make clothes or anything else for that nature that are specific to only one group of people. With clothes, we believe if they resonate with you, WEAR EM. Whether you are gay, straight, stud, stem, femme, non-binary, male, female, they, black, white, purple or unicorn we invite you to wear this tee. This is the first tee of our "Labels" collection created to eradicate the stigma of what labeling words look like. No matter if this word is used to describe you or not...We'd love to see you rep!
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