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XODOHTRONU The Logos Long Tie Dye Sleeve Tee [VAULT]

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This garment was inspired by our original logos! We wanted to pay homage to our first two logos ever trademarked. The back swirl logo was the first logo used to represent the brand trademarked early 2013. This logo which decorates the back of the tee is now our Ultra Rare Logo.  When the creator of the brand was asked what message she would like to convey through her clothing, this was her response explaining XODOHTRONU and the logo:

"When I came up with Unorthodox logo I wanted to create something that looked almost hypnotizing. The hypnotizing theme is symbolic of how I feel that my generation is so negatively hypnotized & brainwashed by so many things everyday. Why not change the minds of people for the greater good. I want my clothes to tell my story. This includes my past, where I come from, things I love, who and what has made an impact on my life. I also want is to represent things that inspire me, my beliefs, thoughts, feelings & everything I stand for...good or bad. I want Unorthodox to be the "visual" of my life...that could possibly help inspire others. I'm not trying to be a role model, nor do I desire to "tell" people whats right and wrong, but I AM attempting take peoples thought process outside their normal realm of thinking...if only for a second. I'm confident Unorthodox will assist me with that. Stay tuned"


24 hour sale! After 24 hours this tee will no longer be available at early bird price. Once "Last Chance" stock is sold out this item heads to the vault! Y'all know tha motto, cop now or cop never!

Original Release Date: August 25th 2019

ALL SALES FINAL!! No refunds or exchanges!!!

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Please allow UP TO 5 days to process your order before shipping. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in house and inspected for the highest quality before shipping. 

**Processing times vary. Orders placed after 5 p.m EST start processing the following day. Please note shipping time DOES NOT include processing time. We appreciate your patience :)



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