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XODOHTRONU is.... obviously UNORTHODOX spelled backwards. If you were to view our logo in any mirror it would read the word 'unorthodox' the correct way. Our brand is a direct reflection of its creator and a vehicle to drive inspiration to others. Unorthodox appropriately describes our thought process and way of life.

That was the short, cute version. Still want to know more? Keep reading!

XODOHTRONU is a real life and Second Life brand which focuses on an unorthodox style of thinking and living. It supports and promotes ideas of androgyny, LOVE, motivation, determination, young entrepreneurship, optimism, artistic self-expression, uniqueness, intelligence, unity of all people, equality and cancer awareness. yes all of that!

The brand was created to tell the story of a human who was curious to see if they could put everything they are and have learned into something they could create, wear, & most importantly INSPIRE others. It was also created to generate profits for the American Cancer Society and other cancer related charities in honor of mother Anita Prince-Coleman.

The plan for XODOHTRONU is to visually reach MASSES of people in order to provoke positive progressive change. Our idea of change is actively striving to make a difference in areas that are in sync with the supporting ideas of the brand. Change can range from altering the way people dress and their fashion sense, to finding a cure for cancer and changing the way people live.  We strive to be a change agent of our generation through XODOHTRONU.

The ability to show another person how your mind works is truly a gift. Every design is a peak into the mind of the brand's creator. Garments are often associated with a poem, story or person in which that piece was inspired.

Each garment is hand made in the United States and inspected before delivery to ensure the highest quality.

XODOHTRONU promotes uniqueness, therefore, some designs are limited edition. Once select items are sold out, they are then retired to the VAULT and never reproduced... We strongly suggest purchasing 'RARE' items when they are available as they have the most limited stock and do sell out quickly. We understand you don't want everyone to have access to your own unique look. Style and fashion is not about whats on you, its about whats in you.

By wearing XODOHTRONU you are showing your avid support for the brand and also donating to a great cause!

Aspire to inspire. #XODOHTRONU

Any questions comments or concerns please do not hesitate to email us. get@xodohtronu.com