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Vintage Thrift Shop


XODOHTRONU Thrift Store -- Home to all vintage, sample and used XODOHTRONU.   Collectors items for sure!!! Most items here have been previously worn by the brands creator. Other items are new or like new sample items which were never released to the public. Some items date back to the early stages of the brand! If you see items here, don't sleep, most garments are here today, gone tomorrow.. FOR GOOD!



Most items are USED, however in some rare instances items are in NEW. Please understand what you are purchasing may be a USED ITEM and NO REFUNDS will be given after purchase. You are purchasing the item AS IS. NEW Items are sometimes released in the Bermuda Triangle, usually prototypes of unreleased items, or sample pieces. Item Condition is specified in product description. Sizes Vary. Please carefully view size descriptions and pictures before purchase to ensure the item is to your standards. AGAIN, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS!!! Item conditions are listed in every description as follows:
  • Brand New- An item that has never been worn. Usually sample pieces or error items which were deemed imperfect during production & never sold.
  • Like New- An item that looks as if it was never worn. No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact.
  • Very Good- An item that is used but still in very good condition. No damage to the garment or holes.
  • Good- A used item in good condition. May have minor damage to the garment or imperfections with the apparel construction. See the description of item for full details and list of any imperfections.
  • Acceptable- A used item with obvious and significant wear but is still operational/wearable [THE OFFICIAL VINTAGE LOOK]. Garment may have discoloration, snags, lint balls, tears or holes or logo imperfections...which honestly make the garment everything VINTAGE! These items have lots of energy on them & are usually collectors items. See photos.

*Any item that has been in the Bermuda Triangle longer than one month with be marked sold out and donated to Goodwill.

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