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BT- XU Workhorse Tee (X-Large) [Gen 2] RAND



Product Details

Rarity- Unique (1 of 1)

Release Date 6-7-22

Size Large

Garment comes with an NFT on polygon blockchain for authenticity  


//Workhorse // 35 sec 🤓

HAD to cop & customize this one because it reminded me of one of my favorite shirts from David Shands @sleepis4suckers Brand released back in 2014. Always loved David’s grind && motivational talks. We hustled together back on the promenades of Clark Atlanta slangin tees for market Thursday. He never quit and went hard for everything sleep is for suckers stood for. Back then I loved the tee purchased from him because the logo was a variation of the Ferrari logo (which is fire design wise) && whole workhorse concept was a reflection of my grind! Still heavy on that grind. Workin like a slave to be respected as a legend. Original shirt was purchased from a souvenir shop on Hollywood Blvd. The garment was then bleach reverse tie dyed and stamped with our signature box logo. Click Here to see the process of this one!

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