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[Gen 1]

Items in this collection date back from 2015 to present! These items can be purchased with FIAT currency and may come with a digital collectible (NFT) that can be redeemed upon receipt of physical item.* Gen 1 items are usually OG garments created before 2022 or items which have a digital collectible [GEN 2] twin! Please see item description to determine if the item comes with an nft.

*Ownership of Digital collectables (NFTs) that are shipped with Gen 1 items are NOT GUARANTEE as all assets of their [GEN 2] counterpart may have be purchased or claimed!

The digital NFT authenticates your physical item and also acts as a membership token to the XODOHTRONU NFT ecosystem! To ensure you receive your digital collectible/NFT we urge you to claim as soon as you receive your physical item! We STRONGLY encourage all XODOHTRONU buyers who would like to ensure the ownership of both physical and NFT assets to purchase the [GEN 2] version of their desired item!

What all does s#!t this mean, explanation por favor?

Select Gen 1 items are shipped with instructions to claim a digital collectible (NFT). The NFT should be claimed as soon as possible otherwise there is a risk that [Gen 2] buyers may claim all of the available assets. There is only a limited amount of NFTs per item based on the item's rarity! (See Rarity Chart) Once all NFTs are purchased or claimed, that's it! NFTs are the ONLY validators of your physical life item!!!!  Meaning, if you don't own the matching NFT to your item, issa knockoff, essentially lol. Anyone can re-create a physical item with the right tools, but NFTs cannot be faked! This is why we have chosen to back our items authenticity by blockchain technology!

[Gen 2] buyer's purchase XODOHTRONU NFTs with cryptocurrency on Opensea and their digital collectables are instantly sent to their Metamask wallet! After purchase of an NFT, [GEN 2] buyers receive a link to claim the physical item FREE. Essentially [Gen 2] buyers have an advantage over Gen 1, as their NFT which also authenticates their physical item is sent instantly!

Ownership of this Digital collectible (NFT) grants access to redeem the PHYSICAL item.** Holding a NFT also unlocks exclusive membership to XODOHTRONU NFT ecosystem. This includes exclusive access to future token drops from XODOHTRONU collections, free merch, free crypto airdrops and much more. Might wanna collect as many of these as you can fam!

**Only NFTs purchased directly from collection creator (xodohtronu.eth) can be foraged for physical!! Please check ownership before purchase if you wish to redeem. If you do not care about foraging the physical item, buy and HODL for the membership perks! Good things come to XODOHTRONU NFT hodlers. We're just getting started!

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