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3M Mono Camo Highest Act Hoodie [VAULT]

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Prototype item from the Bermuda Triangle that our supporters asked to be released in all sizes. The only change from the BT version is the back "highest act" logo is yellow. Enjoy

This garment was inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle the great. In one of his latest interviews he stated that he read somewhere "The highest human act is to inspire". That quote spoke volumes to our brand as we push our message "Aspire to Inspire" on a daily basis. We as people search for inspiration everyday. We sincerely believe the ability to inspire someone or be inspired is truly a gift! Your story is important. Anything from your struggle to your success lies the vehicle to inspire someone else. Together lets learn, live, grow  and inspire each other one step at a time.

Garment decorated with the finest vinyl logos for longevity!

ALL ARE SALES FINAL!! No refunds or exchanges!!!


Please allow UP TO 5 days to process your order before shipping. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in house and inspected for the highest quality before shipping. 

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