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Androgyny Extendo Tan [Vault]

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Androgyny [an-droj-uh-nee] - 

1. Possessing both masculine and feminine characteristics.

2. Neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine as in dress, personality, appearance, or behavior.

Anyone can be Androgynous! Understand that androgyny has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Everyone possesses masculine and feminine energy regardless of their sex.

There are a wide array of issues in our culture with androgyny because of things like sexism. It is the cultural belief that you must look a certain way as a man, and another as a woman. It has been conditioned in our brains since birth. The standards of what qualifies as feminine beauty are also wholly unrealistic.  Even the most unassuming people can be victims of it's infectious nature.  For a woman to be masculine is equated to being butch, mean, aggressive and less attractive to the opposite sex.  For a man to posses feminine traits it is equated to being weak, submissive, homosexuality, a sissy, perverted, and also as being less attractive to the opposite sex.  Men can also be androgynous, but it is an identity that garners much more scrutiny for men than women. It's time to change this notion and societies skewed views of androgyny!

In being androgynous, especially in a sex-stereotyped society, a person would need to be open to experience, accepting of apparent opposites, versatile, unconcerned about social norms, and self-reliant-- these are also traits which are identified with highly creative persons."

This tan extended tee is equipped with 2 brass zippers down each hip for versatile styling. It is decorated with white heat transfer logo which reads "Androgyny". This garment is for people who have mastered the androgynous side of their style wardrobe.


Ladies, this tee is a MALE fit. Please feel free to order as you would in MALE sizes.

(A size or two below your normal [female] shirt size for a regular fit)

Please review size guide below for the most accurate size information.

MODEL @dammitsneez is 5'4 wearing a Small

Model @theblacklipstixx is 5'8 130lbs wearing a Medium

Model @yanibfly is 5'7 140lbs wearing a Medium


For sizes larger than X-Large please email xodohtronu@yahoo.com (serious inquiries only!!)

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