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Branded Disposable Camera

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90's kids, Remember these?!?!

These XODOHTRONU Branded cameras were created for those who love candid photos!! Do you remember taking a film camera on a school field trip or your parents capturing you in the past? Are you tired of only creating digital memories via social media?  If so you're in luck!

Capture your favorite moments without the stigma of posing for the perfect photo or being forced to delete because your best friend had her eyes closed! Relive the nostalgia of taking a photo and not knowing how it will turn out until it's developed! Guarantee your friends "haven't seen one of those in forever!". Cop yours today!

How they work?

  1. Spin the wheel located at the right thumb until you hear a click! (some cameras require two thumbs to spin but keep spinning until the click!)
  2. Point the camera at your favorite subject and shoot!*
  3. Spin the wheel again to load the next exposure before your next shot!

* Low light may require a flash.  Press and hold the black flash button in front of the camera until the red light at the top of the camera illuminates, then follow step 1!

Capture the past. Live in the moment.



Each camera is individually packaged and tastefully branded with both the Ultra Rare Swirl and Box Word XODOHTRONU logos!

  • 24 exposure
  • FUJI COLOR High Speed 35mm film camera, built-in one-touch power flash. Recycled shell. Always fresh film.

Note** Some cameras may require extra effort to spin wheel to next exposure


Film Developing information:

Don’t let those precious snaps lay dormant and forgotten in undeveloped film—drop off your 35mm film, negatives, and disposable cameras off and have them developed onto high-quality traditional photo paper.


  1. Surprisingly, most drug stores (walgreens, cvs, ect) still develop disposable camera photos! Please contact your local drug store for the price of your prints and production time! Usually Available in 7-10 days
  2. Google "Disposable Camera Developing" or plug into your YELP app for local film developers in your area. This is our preferred method as some developers offer same day service for your prints!
  3. Online websites for developing. Click links to check out:



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