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BT- Split Personality Tee AndroTronu [Medium]

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Andro-tronu side of the Split personality release. This tee was worn every single day for the enire month of July 2018 by the brands creator! There are visible signs of wear and tear from continuous usage. Please see pics for imperfections. Vaulted RARE Item.

Some days, it takes more than one emotion to describe a mood, more that one feeling to establish a vibe & more than one adjective to describe who you truly are. We don't believe there is one specific word in the dictionary to describe EVERYONE. If there was a word, it would be XODOHTRONU! All other words just construct the masterpiece of who we truly are.

Size: Medium

Acceptable: A used item with obvious and significant wear but is still operational/wearable [THE OFFICIAL VINTAGE LOOK]. Garment may have discoloration, snags, lint balls, tears or holes...which honestly make the garment everything VINTAGE! These items have lots of energy on them & are usually collectors items. See the description of item for full details and list of any imperfections.

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