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BT- XU Westcoast Hero Pt. 1 Ft. Pac (Large) [Gen 2] RAND

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Rarity- Unique (1 of 1)

Size Large! 

This shirt comes with A XODOHTRONU NFT on polygon blockchain for Authenticity!

//Westcoast Hero pt. 1 // 2 min

"Pac has been a favorite human of mine for as long as I can remember. As a young child I remember empathizing with the chilling lyrics of his music and how they always hit me differently than others. I obsessed over anything Pac from his books, poetry, music and especially his interviews! Always been in awe the way that he spoke... He had a certain charisma & poetry to his words. His thought process was top tier as well as his ability to inspire the masses way before social media was even a thing! I ponder about his existence & demise often and find insight about my own life studying his. It's like a mirror effect. People tend to see pieces of others in themselves. A piece of Pac and his legacy lives through me. Maybe it's why I've always been connected to the west coast. People would always ask me "you from LA" long before my first visit. I love LA prolly like Pac did even tho I wasn't born there. After living In LA for weeks, I wanted to create a piece that embodied just that. I found this grey t-shirt at a souvenir shop on Hollywood Blvd and was curious about how the bleach process would react to its color. The pinks that peak through the grey pigment made this piece really pop. Kinda like the essence of Pac shines through me. Def one of my fav pieces in the Bermuda Triangle right now. Had to tag this one with the XODOHTRONU logo over the eyes to finish. RIP to one of my fav west coast heroes"

Potential buyers can view the creation process of this one on @XODOHTRONU Instagram! Hope you enjoy this piece as much we enjoyed making it.


Garment comes with an NFT on polygon blockchain for authenticity  NFT from our RARI SHOP will be sent with the order! Redeemable upon receipt. 


Any questions, please email us get@xodohtronu.com


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