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Clemson Sapiosexual Hoodie [Rare] [Vault]

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Sapiosexual1. (n.) A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.


Are you a Sapiosexual? Show it off and educate others with this stylish hoodie! Deep thinkers unite!

"Sapiosexuality is a mentality that most people fail to see, or think about. I'm attracted to what you think about. Tell me what you dream about if we spend some time. It's always those deep thoughts that stimulate my mind. I like mental intercourse, but of course, if you stimulate the mind then the body is yours."

- Jonae Prince-Coleman

Inspired by every Sapiosexual being on the planet.

This eye catching unisex hoodie is 100% Cotton. It is decorated with vinyl logos. This garment is for people who have mastered the versatile side of their style wardrobe. 

This piece is a part of XODOHTRONU rare garment collection. To ensure the exclusiveness and uniqueness of this product, a very limited amount will be sold. After those are gone, this item will no longer be available. Please place your order as soon as possible. 

 Please allow 1-3 days to process your order before shipping. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in house and inspected for the highest quality before shipping. Thank you for your patience.

**Processing times vary. Orders placed after 5 p.m EST start processing the following day. Please note shipping time DOES NOT include processing time. We appreciate your patience :)

Ladies feel free to order as you would in male sizes. (a size or two below your normal shirt size for a regular fit)

Please view size chart below for the most accurate size information.

model @xodohtronu is 5'8" wearing a small

For sizes larger than X-Large or smaller than Small please email xodohtronu@yahoo.com (serious inquiries only!!)


Size Chart:

M 22
L 24
XL 26
2XL 28
3XL 30
4XL 32

M 28
L 29
XL 30
2XL 31
3XL 32
4XL 33

M 36
L 37
XL 38
2XL 39
3XL 40
4XL 41


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