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LITE RANE Tee Glow In The Dark Logos Ft. Jay Cooper (@jaysways) [vault]


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Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to explore a feeling but the timing or situation just wasn't right?

LITE RAIN is about parting ways with someone before you're ready. To know that what goes up must come down, & to carry it lightly.  

You can't let it slow you down, so you have to be fluid & adaptable.

Longing for someone is a great teacher & motivator, but you can only do it for yourself.

Wearing that longing too heavy can be a burden for building new relationships in the next chapter.

-Jay Cooper

This garment was inspired by the song LITE RAIN by @jaysways. Jay used a voice memo from the cell phone of XODOHTRONU in the intro and outro of the song. The audio was recorded after an initial explosive encounter between two souls. The above statement was proposed after the two realized they had to depart from one another indefinitely, WITHOUT the chance to explore any feelings.. The energy was electric, unforgettable & fortunate enough to be captured in audio form and used in LITE RAIN!

LITE RAIN can be downloaded on iTunes by searching JAY COOPER

You may also listen to the song on our official LEGAL DOPE SOUND CLOUD.

This garment is decorated with GLOW IN THE DARK logos on front and back to accentuate the meaning of the piece.


Attention! No two garments are dyed alike! Dye method is random & color may differ slightly from product pic. Product colors displayed on may vary from the actual product color due to your monitor calibration.

Original Release Date: September 27th 2019

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