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Copy of XU Lindz Maryland Patchwork Hoodie ft @heyylindsayyy [GEN2]



Product Details

Rarity: Mythic (1 of 10)

"Official" NFT of the Gen 2 shop! purchasing this item means you have purchased and authenticated XODOHTRONU item which is backed by NFT and blockchain technology!

To order, purchase this NFT on Rari first, then come back here redeem this item in your size FREE!

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The ULTRA RARE Maryland patchwork hoodie is for those who have mastered the unorthodox side if their style arsenal! This garment is for our most exclusive XODOHTRONU collectors. We carefully hand crafted this garment in house to ensure it is unlike any garment you've ever seen. It is an oversize fit, constructed with long extended sleeves and a low crop finish. This hoodie is a mashup of 2 different garments cut and sewn into one. We have totally reconstructed the aesthetics of your typical hoodie! The form is essentially the same, however, the makeup of it can only be described in one word...Unorthodox!

Hoodie inspired by @heyylindsayyy on IG who choose this colorway for her custom patchwork hoodie & decided to be nice and let us share/sell her colorway! Salute to her for the share!

Own this NFT already? [Redeem]

In order to redeem this physical item, connect your wallet metamask wallet to MOONWALK! Follow instructions below!

1. Sign up for  Moonwalk Account/wallet! HERE

2. Click Profile Tab

3. Scroll down to "connect metamask"

4. Follow prompts to connect your metamask wallet

5. Once connected click the HOME Tab

6. Scroll down to "redeem"

7. Select the XU Meditate Tee NOIR

8. Click "redeem in store" you will be directed back to this page

9. Follow the prompts as you normally would to order this item

Following these steps should redirect  you back to this page & when you check out the item will be free!


OVERSIZED FIT! This hoodie is made to fit a bit oversized! Please order as you would in MALE HOODIE SIZES

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the complexity of this garment, this item is made to order! We want to take our time and make sure we take our time to make this your favorite new hoodie! As soon as we receive your order, we get to work. Please allow up to 9 business days for production! Thanks for your patience fam!

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