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XU Luxe Disposable Mask Noir NFT [Gen2]



Product Details


Rarity- Common (100,000 Units)

OUR First "official" NFT of the Gen 2 shop! Be a part of XODOHTRONU history by purchasing and owning one of these! Only 100,000 of these NFTs will ever be made!

Purchase this NFT on Rari first, then come back here to redeem you special 5 pack for free! CLICK ME TO GO TO OUR RARI SHOP! (make sure you have your metamask wallet)

Want the mask without the nft? or want to buy masks in bulk? CLICK ME!


Own this NFT already? [Redeem]

In order to redeem this physical item, connect your wallet metamask wallet to MOONWALK! Follow instructions below!

1. Sign up for  Moonwalk Account/wallet! HERE

2. Click Profile Tab

3. Scroll down to "connect metamask"

4. Follow prompts to connect your metamask wallet

5. Once connected click the HOME Tab

6. Scroll down to "redeem"

7. Select the XU Luxe Disposable Mask Noir

8. Click "redeem in store" you will be directed back to this page

9. Follow the promts as you normally would to order this item

Following these steps should redirect  you back to this page & when you check out the item will be free!


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