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XU Meditate Hoodie Noir [GEN 2]



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Rarity- LEGENDARY (100 Units)

 Gen 2 shop Phygital NFT! Be a part of XODOHTRONU history by purchasing and owning one of these! Only 100 of these NFTs will ever be made!

Purchase this NFT on Rari first, then come back here to redeem your shirt free! CLICK ME TO GO TO OUR RARI SHOP! (make sure you have your metamask wallet)

The meditate hoodie was inspired by a multitude of things, most importantly our emphasis on mental health and growth! Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health. These benefits don't end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and may help you manage symptoms of certain medical conditions. This hoodie is a gentle reminder to you and those around you to exercise that brain muscle. It is decorated with a mirrored TURBO HTV Logo and comes equipped with our signature detachable bondage straps! We hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it! "To manifest peace of mind promise me that you'll meditate"

oh yea, wrote a poem to go with this one. To listen  touch me

Meditate (True story) [2 min]

I donno bout love at first site

But I know bout love at first vibe

She caught my eye

Captivated my soul

I know

Wouldn’t mind growing oooold wit her

Suppose a love like hers Would suffice as a soul healer

But lately her love been feeling

more like a Cold killa

Drug dealer, her occupation

She supplying my high

The way she look me in my eyes

Make me feel like I can fly Even die;

in her arms tonight Im on my Amerie shit

Don’t nobody bring me back to life If “me” turns into “we” shit.


But What you drinking tho? & do you smoke dro?

I’m tryna get to know you

From yo temple to yo big toe

She told me she keeps it simple

White liquor, minimal weed smoke

Might hit it once on occasion

If trust is something you evoke In her..

Well damn, Looks like I’m plotting on a winner

Only time will tell If this vibe will be something we remember.

She said she’s an over thinker

Awkward turtle

Nice to meet ya

With the smile of a goddess

& body I could make pulsate.....

Like girl you know

You might be talking to yo soul mate?

She ghosted me before

This exchange could turn out the same way

I had to ask for her mind-state “Do you ever meditate?”

She said she really should, &

that It would help her keep all her thoughts straight.

I let her know that this conversation fate.

I'm manifesting things fast

and it’s coming at scary rates

Our rendezvous would be lit

but I’ll keep my feelings at bay

Know you got a spot on my team

If you ever wanted to play!

But your mind is something I care about

even after today

If you never see me again

Dont forget the next words I say...

“To manifest peace of mind Promise me that you’ll Meditate.”

#xodohtronu #meditate

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