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Earth Is Ghetto Trucker Hat- Space Blk GITD [GEN 1] ONLY 100 AVAILABLE!


Space Blk GITD
Font Style

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Because outer space seems so much more classy! Def a convo starter.

Rarity- LEGENDARY (100 units)

LIMITED EDITION hat release! Only 100 hats of this colorway will EVER be sold! 

Earth Is Ghetto Trucker comes with a NFT verifiable on MATIC (polygon) blockchain to the first 100 buyers to claim. Please ensure you REDEEM your NFT after receiving the physical item! Might wanna collect as many of these as you can fam!

What is the meaning behind Earth Is Ghetto?

The EIG line started as hats that were an addition to @s.u.c.i.a and @not_xodohtronu Halloween costumes. (They we’re inflatable aliens who looked to be getting abducted.) The phrase was a great attention grabber and play off of all of the inconsistencies and mishaps currently happening effecting the world. We wanted to push the social envelop challenging the fact that 'ghetto' isn't only a generalized term used to describe a part of a city in which members of a minority urban group live, but in fact that those spaces exist all over this planet! Our infatuation with outer space and the desire to one day visit, paired with hope for life outside of this planet being much more classy turned into a social experiment. Every time someone reads the "Earth is Ghetto" phrase on a garment, it’s either met with a laugh or it's a conversation starter comparing the how’s and why earth is in fact ghetto. People converse adding their own perspective, experience & definition. WE love statement pieces that get humans and strangers alike talking and EIG does just that.

What convos will you have surrounding this piece when wearing? We'd love to know!

Garment is decorated with perfect press HTV GLOW IN THE DARK lettering on the front of the hat and DTF XODOHTRONU box logo across the brim. Buyers get their choice of front font style! Please select your desired look from the options!

See y'all in space!

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