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Heavily Gifted Black & Gold Tee [Vault]

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Inspired by Olubowale 

The Gift

"I want to give something to the world that its never had. I want to influence people to think things they never knew existed. I want to inspire them to try things they never thought they would; be who they always wanted to be. I aspire to take peoples thought process outside the box and change the way they think… if only for just a second. That second could be the second that changes their entire life and sparks something inside of them to want to give that same gift to somebody else. Its my idea of life in a perfect world and though my logic might be wrong in your opinion, its something I believe in and something I'm willing to die for. People judge and hate so much that its turned into an everyday thing for almost everybody. It's to the point where people are afraid to be themselves, afraid of what others might think. People would rather hide behind what they think the world wants them to be, then  hate on and judge everything they've ever wanted to be. They would rather pretend be someone they're not instead of giving seeds of their true self and planting them into someone else's brain for possible development of something beautiful. You could call me a mind agriculturalist or farmer but I'm far more interested in leaving an indelible impression on the world before my demise. I strive to be a better version of myself everyday and let my individuality be known from my number 1 supporter to the last person that calls themselves my hater.. I just pray for the strength to tolerate and have some type of love for everybody in between the two. I also pray for guidance and the right direction to directly and indirectly share the gift that was given to me with the people that are intended to accept it."

Now I ask you.. What is YOUR gift?

-Jonae Prince Coleman

This UNISEX tee is for individuals that have tapped into the gifted side of their style arsenal. This garment is 100% cotton decorated with metallic gold & glow in the dark white logos!

 This shirt can come with or regular or cut sleeves. Please specify in the drop down menu above. 

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of Anita Prince-Coleman

Ladies: The sizing for this shirt is male based. For a tighter fit please order a size under what you normally wear. Check measurements for more accurate sizing information

Please view the sizing chart for most accurate sizing: 

Sizes are in inches (-+1in error): 



*Sizes greater than XL are available. Please e-mail xodohtronu@yahoo.com for pricing and size information *

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