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W.A.R. (We Are Rebels) Tee [RARE] [Vault]

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W.A.R (We Are Rebels)
They say the revolution will not be televised, but they lied, that's why I don't watch TV. To me its filled with too much futility, like most things we see on I.G. and other social networks that only work to make us not work..or procrastinate and not elevate our minds like the times of our ancestors who fought, bled and died to live the lives that we now compromise. They'd strategize and envision things that are now in our vision. They did it with ambition to oust biased traditions, and most of them went to prison for a cause …& not because they wanted to elevate their record sales, impress a few females and gain some street cred when they got out of jail. Its got me thinking what the hell?..Its time to Rebel. Martin L sat in those cells cuz he had dreams in his vision. Dreams to bring us together and overthrow all division… People is trippin!!!! We'd rather sit and listen to some grown women on TV., speak about whose a "Thot" & argue over Steebie...J.....U. S. T. I. C. E.. is the word that brings out the inner rebel in me. I want my peers to look beyond what they're able see, in a world enslaved by technology, frivolity and an 80 thousand dollar degree. Working another mans dreams just to pay back Sally; I pray that's not the future my daddy sees for me. Ride with me I'll give you keys to set your mind free....And that's guaranteed. "Stop the violence and increase the peace" that's a phrase they made us sing back in elementary. That was back when I was about three.... years away from my mom telling me she was sorry. Laying on her death bed as she struggled to speak. Who knew those two words would be her last words to me?? I think she knew it was time for God to set her soul free....but don't feel sorry for me, Im her legacy & everything from my past produced a G. Not a gangster, but a Gunman, shooting bullets of inspiration at the minds of my people. If only I could shoot and hit like I was making a free throw...Peep tho, if what I'm saying is too over your head, move along I'd rather speak to all the rebels instead. #xodohtronu



This piece is a XODOHTRONU [RARE] garment. To ensure the exclusiveness and uniqueness of this product, a very limited amount will be sold. After those are gone, this item will no longer be available. Please place your order as soon as possible, as your size may sell out!



Please allow 2-3 business days for U.S. shipping. Thank you for your patience.




For best results and to Preserve your XODOHTRONU garment, hand wash & line dry

DO NOT machine dry your garment. The vinyl logos are heat sensitive and may peel due to machine drying. If machine trying, TUMBLE DRY LOW setting only.



Ladies feel free to order as you would in male sizes. (a size or two below your normal shirt size for a regular fit)



For sizes larger than X-Large or smaller than Small please email xodohtronu@yahoo.com (serious inquiries only!!)


Size Chart:

Please Review Measurements for Size Information.  (+-1  inch error)

This men's t-shirt has a relaxed but tailored fit. The seamless rib collar with double-needle cover-stitching, shoulder to shoulder taping, double-needle sleeve and bottom hem make it a durable wear. 



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