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Sept 5th 2016 Santa Monica Beach, C.A

Around 7 p.m. Something dynamic happened. It was as if MLK himself was being channeled through this man. My intuition told me to pay close attention to his every word. Being a huge believer in universal energy and spirit, I’ve learned energies never die, they just recycle through different people and things. This man was most certainly an example of that. Out of a group of about twenty something young college students, he had to be the only 50+ adult at the mini BBQ function on the beach. He asked each one of us “Do you have a dream or a vision” all night. Whenever one of us said we had a dream he’d explain how we need to have a vision instead… He preached about how dreams only happen when you are sleeping and how we needed to wake up and map this shit out because the world is changing. He also kept stressing the fact that Martin had a dream and it took us far, but its up to us to have a VISION to push the envelope to go further. He spoke with so much passion in his heart. I held on to his every word. Unfortunately, nobody was really paying attention to what this crazy man was talking about. Everyone was too busy socializing, laughing, sipping Q oil and engaging in the freestyle rap cypher we were having around the campfire. When it was the old mans turn to rap, he started talking over the beat instead further pushing his message. I pulled my phone out to record a voice memo because I believed he really had something to say. Boy am I glad I did. He spoke some real shit that inspired the fire that resides within me.. Although I've never seen that old man again and probably never will, I dedicate The whole NOISIV (Vision) project to him. This shirt is a direct reflection of the inspiration I received that night. I'm going to do whatever in my power to push this envelope of change. && now I challenge the same for you...


IF you want to hear the full voice memo from that night, click here to listen!

Despite all the evidence around him, MLK believed in the possibility of another reality. Although Dr. king phrased it as a "Dream", what he was really promoting and living was a better world where everyone was equal. He was uncompromising with holding fast to that VISION. It was the Power of his VISION that convinced millions of the justness of his cause. The world has changed and history altered because of his existence. Its up to us to push the envelope for change however we see fit. We challenge you to answer the question..


Rarity: Uncommon

Release Date: November 30th 2020

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