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Split Personality Tee [RARE] [VAULT]

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Some days, it takes more than one emotion to describe a mood, more that one feeling to establish a vibe & more than one adjective to describe who you truly are. We don't believe there is one specific word in the dictionary to describe EVERYONE. If there was a word, it would be XODOHTRONU! All other words just construct the masterpiece of who we truly are.


“In this piece, I wanted capture the essence of what I truly feel as an artist who owns a clothing brand. Some days are colorful and vibrant. Other days its bold and solid. In the entrepreneur world you gotta have a split personality to get through the highs and the lows. Different parts of you are required to show up and be ready for different battles. While running a brand, staying focused, progressing, staying positive, and getting people to understand your art can be frustrating but it also shines light on areas that need the most attention. From crazy, chaotic and exciting, to melo and smooth. One personality needs another to function and balance. So different, yet so complimentary in the most beautiful way.


-Jonae, XODOHTRONU Creator

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Essentially XODOHTRONU and Androgyny have the same principles. Androgyny, meaning possessing both masculine and feminine energy, and XODOHTRONU, meaning Unorthodoxly Orthodox (among other things)…lol Both words have double meanings, and are multi-faceted as far as their composition.

XODOHTRONU and Androgyny are like yin and yang. XODOHTRONU believes in a world where people are not defined by labels placed upon them by society, but rather by allowing a person to create a label for themselves to live by. Androgyny is complimentary, yet different with the correlation between masculine and feminine energy. Everyone can be Androgynous! Understand that androgyny has nothing to do with your sexual preference. Everyone possesses masculine and feminine energy regardless of their sex or sexual preference. Everyone also possesses different skills and GIFTS that were given to them by infinite intelligence (God) that they are supposed to utilize while on this earth.

Some men don’t identify with their feminine energy in fear of being labeled homosexual, just as some women don’t identify with the gift that they were put on this earth to share with others. Some women don’t identify with their masculine energy in fear of judgement and labels, just as some men don’t identify with the gift that they were put on this earth to share with others. The discovery and utilization of all self energies and gifts would clear so many miscommunications and disconnections of the world.  This tee was created to shed light on those topics as well as give more insight to the biggest question we get….  “what is XODOHTRONU?” 


Please allow 5-7 business days days to process your order BEFORE shipping. We sincerely apologize for the wait. Each piece is carefully hand crafted in house and inspected for the highest quality before shipping. We make everything we sell so things can get time consuming! We promise you will love your piece! Contact us if you have any questions! Thank you for your patience.

Model @XODOHTRONU is 5' 8" 135 wearing a Size Medium

Model @Beingspontaneus is 5'9" 145 wearing a size Medium

Model @amberrgo is 5'5 wearing a size Medium



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