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SweetHeat Zaddy Tie Dye Tee [VAULT]

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This vibrant, eye catching Zaddy tee is a LIMITED EDITION Item is pre-vault! meaning stock is very low!

Pre-Vault items are low in stock!! Items are usually sold on a “last time to purchase” basis. If your size is still in stock, purchase ASAP! Once item listed "SOLD OUT” it is retired to The Vault and WILL NOT RESTOCK!

What does Zaddy mean?

The "ZADDY" tee is a social experiment created to once again bend the rules of society, play with the androgynous spectrum, and observe peoples reactions to women (and men) of all walks of life and orientations wearing this tee! The dope part about it is, fellas and ladies loved this release! To our surprise, we've sold the most shirts to the most feminine presenting women!
We've seen some male Zaddy's rocking this shirt for themselves and others purchasing one for their ladies!

"What is a Zaddy?" We will let you decide! Whether its just a fun shirt to wear or ZADDY is literally your government name, if you like it, WEAR IT! (That goes for anything) We guarantee you will receive some interesting feedback! :P


What is Sweet Heat?

SweetHeat Miami was an idea birthed from the mind of DJ Dimples. She had longed to throw an event that encompassed what she believed to be the ultimate party getaway…a Utopia on Earth if you will. After years of deejaying other parties and events across South Florida and the United States, she dreamed of starting her own weekend that celebrated women from all over the world. SweetHeat Miami is unique in that it is the ONLY continuous party on South Beach catering to African-American and Hispanic  women. The atmosphere since its start has always been one of celebration, appreciation and acceptance of whom and what these women represent both in their personal lives and as a community.


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