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The Natural Born Leader Hoodie ft. Tommy

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We present The Natural Born Leader Hoodie inspired by our favorite 90s cartoon! Made specifically for all the Natural Born Leaders of the XODOHTRONU fam!

Ultra Rare hoodie comes with Tommy on the back

 Message from the creator:

Lately I've been presented with a lot of energy and memories from my childhood. A friend of mine reminded me of my childlike spirit and how we should all have a child like take on the world as we navigate through it with curiosity. It made me reflect back on a time when I had no worries or real stresses. A playful time full of life, eagerness to create and live. I wanted to create something that was a reflection of that. Rugrats was my favorite cartoon growing up as a child! This hoodie is decorated with one of my favorite characters from the show...XODOHTRONU style of course.  -Jonae


NOTE: This hoodie has been carefully constructed with 3M yellow logos! All logos of this hoodie are HTV which are made to out last the garment. The front is a 5 color design with our XODOHTRONU logo designed to replicate the Rugrats logo. The back logo is a 6 color HTV design. 

Rarity: Ultra Rare


Ladies: The sizing for this hoodie is male based. For a tighter fit please order a size under what you would normally wear in women.

Please view size chart below for the most accurate size information.


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