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The "How Much" Tee Glow In the dark money symbols! (2 shirts included!) [VAULT]

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Attention! No two garments are dyed alike! dye method & color may differ slightly from product pic! Extra Minimal shirt (see pics) is included with each purchase!

This garment was inspired by our internal battles with self & soul. Living in a world where money, success, power and fame rules nations, it can be difficult to maintain a level of moral integrity.  When presented with the opportunity to acquire something desirable, we are often willing to compromise internal ethics, pride, morals and even our purest soul. Many people stray away from their true authentic self and purpose on this earth in exchange for things they think will bring happiness, love or completeness. The reality is, all of those things reside WITHIN && cannot be TRULY obtained in the form of anything external. The poem below was written by the brands creator before the piece was designed. It is the inspiration behind this garment.

How much for your soul?
How much does it cost?
How much would you pay for your sins to get lost?
How much is your pride?
How much will it take?
How long can you take people calling you fake?
"How much for that shirt? My n*gga THATS DOPE!"
How much can I pay you to teach me the ropes?
How much time we got?
How long will it take?
How you gon make moves if you stuck in one place?  
How much gas you got?
How far you gon drive?
How much can you live if you're living to die?
How much for the cure?
How much for it please?
How much should I beg standing here on my knees?
How much should you pray?
How much cash you got?
How much should you pray? Til your answer is 'a lot'
But praise is forgot in a world full of sin
& looking outside before looking within
Where dreams turn to nightmares the more you get old. Running out of time and walking in the cold.
How much can you take before losing control and that voice In your ear asks
"How much for your soul?"

Our objective was to create a garment that provokes conversation and also demonstrates our visual representation of the SOUL. We proposed the question "How much for your soul" horizontally across the mid section of the tee and split the question between a vibrant top & monotone bottom. The top half is symbolic of the colorful soul and how it is already complete. The words "How Much" decorate this section in black proposing the proceeding question. The black and white bottom half is symbolic of how the soul can become a tarnished, dark place when it is sold, compromised, or corrupted by negative influences. “For your soul” decorates this section in white lettering and is flipped in reverse to be correctly viewed in any mirror.  Currency symbols decorate the neck on the vibrant side of the tee in Glow in the dark print. These symbols are symbolic of how happy vibrant humans GLOW and anything on this earth is attainable without compromising the beauty of the soul including any form of currency desired.

We often feel in our spirit when something isn't right for us and have the choice to engage or not. Its that voice in the back of your head that tells you to do or not to do something & the feeling in your gut that KNOWS whats right. Often times we fall victim to the illusion of time and how we want things to happen faster, therefore, we may do things we normally wouldn't to meet those imaginary time frames. Just remember, every action has a reaction. Be mindful with yours and move with purpose. We are full, complete beings in this moment, without any external factors. We are abundant in love and light. XODOHTRONU challenges you from this day forward to observe your moral compass when making decisions about life and stay in tune with YOUR soul. THE SOUL IS PRICELESS && It's not for sale fam!

Peace && much love to you. Bless 


Original Release Date: September 19th 2019

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