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BT- XU Trash && Burn Meditate Hoodie (M) [Gen 2] RAND

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Product Details

Rarity- Unique (1 of 1)

Release Date 6-6-22

Size medium! 

Trash and burn is a 1 of 1 variation of our “Meditate” hoodie! Garment is a medium && comes with a polygon NFT for authenticity  


//Trash && Burn// 5 min

Art truly has no rules. Been experimenting with different distress mediums lately. Fire has got to be the favorite! Since a child burning things has always been quite intriguing. Sitting around a beach bonfire vibing with friends, I wondered what what I’d be like to create a crop hoodie without the use of scissors.  I impulsively took my hoodie off and told my friends “I wanna burn my hoodie in the fire” Insane was the way they all looked at me.. Some were not on board with the idea AT ALL && proposed I wait until we were leaving to do it. As we were leaving, skeptic minds turned intrigued as I lowered the garment into the fire. The hoodie caught flame QUICK and anxiety started to rise between everyone watching. Let me apologize to my friends for yelling at y’all 😂 I just knew how I wanted things to burn and I was in awe watching things unfold. I also didn’t want to put out the flame a moment too soon. Almost let it burn toooooo much && lowkey fucked up forces tryna put that shit out — WORTH IT!


Excited asf I put the hoodie in a bag and took it home! I couldn’t wait to see the end result but it was late and I needed time to wash & prep. I’m so not a fan of campfire scent so the bag went OUTSIDE on the balcony for the night! Next morning, I has to run errands and had the cleaning lady over to clean the spot. Imagine the stress when my lil black bag of joy wasn’t where I left it on the balcony. The cleaning lady thought it was trash && politely discarded it 😩 I had to make the executive decision to go get that. Luckily, the trash wasn’t too bad. Rummaging thru tryna find mine was disgusting and I’m sure the people who live in my apartment thought I was homeless but I’ll do anything for the love of art…


This hoodie is in Bermuda Triangle for the buyers && comes with an NFT on polygon blockchain for Authenticity! Def a collectors piece!


Might have to have a solo bonfire date to make more like it… I fuck with the end result HEAVY!

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