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Zaddy Hoodie Camo w/ Bandana [RARE][Vault]

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Original Release Date: Jan. 12th 2018 

*Flag Bandana included with your order! :)


The "ZADDY" hoodie is a social experiment created to once again bend the rules of society, play with the androgynous spectrum, and observe peoples reactions to women (and men) of all walks of life and orientations wearing this hoodie! The dope part about it is, fellas and ladies loved this release! To our surprise, we've sold the most hoodies to the most feminine presenting women!

We've seen some male Zaddy's rocking this hoodie for themselves and others purchasing one for their ladies!

"What is a Zaddy?" We will let you decide! Whether its just a fun shirt to wear or ZADDY is literally your government name, if you like it, WEAR IT! (That goes for anything) We guarantee you will receive some interesting feedback! :P

Rarity: RARE


 *Sizes greater than XL are available. Please e-mail xodohtronu@yahoo.com for pricing* SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY

Model @TWATNAPKIN  is 5'6" wearing a small

Model @XODOHTRONU  is 5'8" wearing a small

Model @BEINGSPONTANEOUS  is 5'9" wearing a Medium


Ladies: The sizing for this hoodie is male based. For a tighter fit please order a size or two under what you would normally wear in women.

Please view size chart below for the most accurate size information.

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