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Welcome to the VAULT

What is THE VAULT?
XODOHTRONU is run on a rarity system. Each Item in our main shop has its own rarity which controls whether that item restocks, its shelf life in our shop, or when it's sent to the vault. Each release is different. When items from our regular shop sell out, they enter the vault for good! Once an item enters THE VAULT it is carefully locked away and stored here as a collectors item! Once again, ITEMS IN THE VAULT NEVER RESTOCK! Gotta catch our items when they are in stock!
Y'all know the motto, cop now or cop never!
Below is a gallery of all past retired/sold out items which will NEVER be available for purchase! Do you have any vault pieces?
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Sold Out
Zaddy Legal Dope Tee [VAULT] Zaddy Legal Dope Tee [VAULT] Quick View

Zaddy Legal Dope Tee [VAULT]

From $50.00 - $85.00
Sold Out
The Catdog Tee [VAULT] The Catdog Tee [VAULT] Quick View

The Catdog Tee [VAULT]

From $125.00 - $155.00
Sold Out
Zaddy Moondance L/S Tee [Vault] Zaddy Moondance L/S Tee [Vault] Quick View
Sold Out
Zaddy Tee Red [VAULT] Zaddy Tee Red [VAULT] Quick View
Sold Out
Logo Bandanas [VAULT] Logo Bandanas [VAULT] Quick View

Logo Bandanas [VAULT]

From $9.99 - $39.00
Sold Out
Zaddy Tee Noir Zaddy Tee Noir Quick View

Zaddy Tee Noir

From $25.00 - $50.00
Sold Out
Legal Dope Camo Hoodie [Vault] Legal Dope Camo Hoodie [Vault] Quick View