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Earth Is Ghetto Trucker Hat- Space Blk GITD [GEN 2] - Legendary


Space Blk GITD
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Because outer space seems so much more classy! Def a convo starter.


Rarity-Legendary (100 Units)

Only 100 digital collectibles (NFTS) of this colorway will EVER be minted!

Purchase this NFT on Opensea or RARI first, then come back here to redeem your item free! (make sure you have your metamask wallet)

Earth Is Ghetto Trucker comes with a NFT verifiable on MATIC (polygon) blockchain. Ownership of this digital collectible (nft) grants access to exclusive future drops, free gear, free crypto and much more. Might wanna collect as many of these as you can fam!

Garment is decorated with perfect press HTV GLOW IN THE DARK lettering on the front of the hat and DTF XODOHTRONU box logo across the brim.

See y'all in space!

One Redeemable physical hat per NFT!

Interested in buying the physical item  (GEN 1) while supplies last? CLICK ME!

Own this NFT already? [Redeem]

In order to redeem this physical item:

1. Add this item to your cart

2. Click "My Cart" at the top of the screen

3. *IMPORTANT* You must input your Public Address & Transaction ID in the section "Please leave special instructions below:" on the checkout page BEFORE clicking Checkout! We use this information to verify you are the Nft holder and the item hasn't already been redeemed! Failure to follow this step will result in a DISCARDED ORDER! NFT MUST BE IN PURCHASING WALLET UPON FORAGING!  If the NFT is not in the wallet we cannot process your RL order. 

4. After entering all details from step 3 click "Checkout"

5. Find the Redeem code in the Unlockable Content of your NFT

6. Enter the Redeem Code in the "Gift card or discount code" section at checkout

7. Click "Continue to shipping" and select your preferred shipping method. Price of the hat will be waived, you only pay a small fee for shipping!

8. That's it! Wait to get your Physical ITEM in the mail!

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